Forest of Fear Ticket Giveaway

Event is Not For Children Under 12

By Lisa Dunleavy October 5, 2017

Have teenagers? Liked to be scared? We have the ticket giveaway just for you. Macaroni Kid is giving away three sets of 4 tickets to The Forest of Fear. Please note: this event is NOT FOR CHILDREN under 12 years of age. ย 

Renaissance Entertainment Productions is proud to announce another terrifying season of The Forest of Fear. This year's ultimate frightmare features seven attractions including:

  • โ€‹Blind Panic - Don't trust your eyes - this medical madhouse is a masterwork of misdirection and mayhem.
  • CarniEVIL of the Damned - The lucky ones are captured by psychotic clowns. The unlucky find them waiting under their beds.
  • Craven Brothers Chainsaw Repair - If you can hear the telltale roar of the two-stroke engine... it is already too late!
  • The Hot Zone -- Somebody has been very careless with our Biosafety Level 4 contamination controls but don't worry you'll be fine (as long as you don't eat anything, touch anything or inhale anything).
  • Mourningwood Cemetery - Welcome to our city of the dead where crypts rise like condos and ghosts don't welcome strangers.
  • The Slaughterhouse - the title says it all on this one.
  • Uncle Jimmy's Place - This is where the fun starts. BYOB - Bring your own body bag.

Forest of Fear is open on Friday (7 p.m. - Midnight), Saturday (7 pm. - Midnight) and Sunday (7 p.m. - 11 p.m.) from October 6-29. Forest of Fear is located Tuxedo, NY.

To enter to win 4 tickets, click HERE. For more information on The Forest of Fear, visit their website.