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Why and how to advertise with THE trusted local resource for fun-seeking families!

By Kelly Fitzpatrick October 27, 2022

Why Advertise with Us?

The MacKID family is hyper-local—that means our readers live where you work. We can help you reach local parents and share your business, class, camp or special event. They are ready to show their support, whether it's attending an event, taking classes, dining out, shopping, or spreading the word about YOUR business!

Macaroni KID Armonk - Chappaqua - Mount Kisco - Pleasantville is an online resource. Today's parent is online, all the time, so that's where we focus our attention. We actively promote every article, guide, and advertiser to those who are genuinely interested in reading (and sharing) our content. 

The majority of our readers are MOMS. Can you guess what that means? They are often the primary decision maker when it comes to choosing a family activity. Macaroni KID gives them the information they need to make smart decisions about how to spend their time and money.

How Can I Reach Readers in my Community?

We can help you build brand recognition, promote a special event, increase traffic on slow days, launch a new product, service or location, or share your expertise. Not only do we have an excellent connection with the community, we are part of it. As such, we love bragging about all the wonderful people and places that make it so great!

Here are just a few of the ways we can help you get the word out: 

  • Coordinated Marketing Campaigns: These multi-pronged campaigns are an affordable and very effective way to reach local readers— 
    • Share your business information, products and services in our directory, through a sponsored article on our homepage, and in our weekly newsletter. 
    • Build your brand recognition with a 24/7 website ad, which can also appear in our weekly newsletter. 
    • Share the latest in news and event updates through our Facebook channel and Instagram accounts.
    • Send a dedicated email highlighting your business to our entire subscribers list.

Email us for more information about our discounted package rates.

  • Small Business Campaigns: Start with a low-cost business directory listing. Tack on a spotlight article, newsletter ad, and social media posting or design your own package. Your article will be available in our Publisher's Picks for one week and your ad will be highlighted in our weekly newsletter all month long, with a link to your business listing. Include special offers for our Macaroni KID readers to push traffic to your website and social media pages. This is perfect for anyone looking to stretch their marketing dollars.
  • Event Promotion: Do you have a special event coming up? Members of our low-cost business directory can list free and paid events on our events page. Then we can coordinate a widespread promotional campaign, including a Facebook event listing, spotlight article, and dedicated email blast!
  • Seller's Showcase: Parents have choices to make every single day—where to go, what to eat, which product to buy. Recommendations can help ease the burden. We love sharing products and services with our readers, especially those created by members of our very own community. Barters are welcome. 
  • Activity Guides: Our guides are a great way for any business (big or small) to get their product or service noticed. Each one is focused on a specific topic, making it easy for families to find what they need AND making it easy for you to stand out. 

Getting Started

Ready to grow? Email us to discuss your promotional needs and we'll work together to get your business the attention it deserves!