5 Reasons to Visit Katonah Village Library & One You Wouldn't Expect

By Kelly Fitzpatrick January 24, 2024

Anyone else feel like exploring new places on cold weather days? We've been motivated to check off our library bucket list (get that free printable here) this winter because of the amazing resources they provide our communities and because... free! We are working our way around the childrens' rooms of the Westchester libraries to find the ones to head back to again and again.

On a recent windy one we set off for Katonah Village Library (I must confess I was also hoping for a stop at LMNOP Bakery, but alas, closed, a Monday) and there are so many reasons it's always highly recommended. Here are 5 that we found!

📚# 1 We are a community: 1 LOVED seeing all the signage that showed support for the different needs and abilities of the kiddos - i.e. programming for parents of neurodivergent learners, borrowing buckets for headphones, sensory friendly movies, exploring emotions storytime, etc. This inclusivity is a BIG draw for me.

📚#2 Lived in and loved: I'm kind of over beige aesthetic and curated wooden toys. I don't want a play space that feels unapproachable. This childrens' room was played in! There were children actively enjoying the toys, moving through the space, and getting comfy in the varied seating choices (including a lovely couch to snuggle up with a book or a baby on).

📚#3 The Serenity Garden: Closed until the spring, but what could be lovelier? And it's attached to the childrens' room - for them specifically! Not just a library novelty grown ups enjoy.

📚#4 Play options: Train table, a BIG busy board, dinos, a farm, puzzles, these are just a few of the learning tools available for children to interact with.

📚#5 Books, of course! Always love a good thematic display and there were plenty for the season, as well a warm welcome of texts displayed throughout to make all children feel seen and valued.

And truly, the bonus... Tina, the turtle! Space for kiddos doesn't get any better than also having a community pet. Perfect addition.  She's well cared for in a large tank and there are resources and information nearby about Tina.  Real-world, authentic learning.

Also, for all perspectives since it was a visit for the littles, I must note my son really loved the wishing well coin drop and the desktop ed games.

What libraries do you love? We are aiming to visit all the libraries in Westchester County this year!