Small Business Spotlight: Kymberly A. Robinson, Attorney at Law

A wonder among wonders for small businesses!

By Kelly Fitzpatrick and Kymberly A. Robinson February 14, 2024

Sharing the story behind the businesses I have gotten to know through Macaroni KID is always a joy of mine. Learning more about this feature's Kymberly A. Robinson and her private practice was especially fun because I share her excitement for making connections! Since getting to know Kym when I was first starting out in this role, I have witnessed her talent first-hand in creating the right climate for cross-pollination between professionals. In this article, Kym describes herself as a cheerleader for her clients.  It's exactly the word I would choose to use in describing her to others. Kym believes in the individuals that she supports and is a trusted resource to others in her recommendations. She has a keen ability to diagnose a need and problem-solve ways to address it.  Her skill and passion for people has recently blossomed into a more formalized way of bringing people together, with the start of her newest pursuit, Speed Networking Westchester. Learn more here as we shine the spotlight on a knowledgeable champion for small businesses, Kymberly A. Robinson, Esq.

What is the story behind your business?  How did you get started?

I was in litigation for 15 years.  After having my third child (during COVID), I decided I wanted a change, but didn't know what that would look like.  A childhood friend asked me if I could form an LLC for her business.  From that point on, people were contacting me through social media saying they heard about me from a friend or neighbor, and I began to get recommended repeatedly on social media groups.  Being that I was a mom and entrepreneur, these were the circles I was in, so it made sense that these were the referrals I was getting.  Quickly, it grew to where moms were referring me to their husbands and other non-mom friends to help them start, grow, and/or protect their businesses too.  

I also have a strong passion for networking, particularly when it comes to helping women succeed in business.  Thus, I invested a lot of my time into networking in the community.  Through this passion for connecting with other entrepreneurs, my friend and fellow mompreneur, Elina Skripochnik, and I started Speed Networking Westchester (SNW).  I also have collaborated with WEDC, as an attorney and through SNW, to donate resources to helping other women succeed in entrepreneurship as well.

Having a great network of professional women and clients has really contributed to my own success.  A happy client is the best advertisement.  

What are some fun facts about you or your business?

I never "planned" this business.  It has happened so organically, and I truly love what I do.

What does your business offer its' customers?

When you hire me, you get me 100% as your biggest cheerleader.  I will support you in more ways than one- for example, through social media and connecting you to others who can help your business grow.  I pride myself on having many repeat clients, clients that send me new clients, and keeping on-going relationships with my clients.  It is so rewarding to watch clients explode on social media and connect with each other.  When clients collaborate, it makes my heart happy.  

What are you most proud of? 

I am most proud of my client retention rate and the number of referrals I receive from former or current clients.  Clients come to me when starting their businesses and then again when they hire employees or want a new lease.  It's fun to watch them grow.

Would you like to include any incentives for MacaroniKID subscribers?

Yes, I can offer a FREE 30-minute consultation (a $250 value) to be used through March 31st. Reach out to me on IG @kymesq or email and share that MacaroniKID sent you!

What else is important for us to know about you?

If you have a business and are unsure where to go next, I have started offering something I call a legal "check-up".  I am sharing the details with you here.

Be in touch!


IG: @kymesq

Phone: (914) 462-2021