Small Business Spotlight: Little Talkers

By Kelly Fitzpatrick and Jennifer Hogan, M.A. CCC-SLP February 20, 2024

Little Talkers is one of the newest additions to our business directory and we couldn't be happier to recommend them!  This team of three highly qualified speech and language pathologists brings language and play classes to children ages 6 months through 3 years. Founders Jen Hogan, Cara Kennedy, and Jamie Ruhl have created a community that supports both children and their families. With onsite classes in Scarsdale, Stamford, and Tuckahoe as well as private sessions, there are plenty of options to meet your needs. 

Co-founder Jen Hogan and I had such a happy chat about the joy that serving families brings and the lasting impact that Little Talkers has already had on countless children. If you are looking for a mommy-and-me style class that boosts language, communication and social skills or searching for private options for specific speech needs, you will be in good hands here.  While the breadth and depth of experience is impressive, my personal feeling is you will be most appreciative of the genuine warmth, care, and connection you and your child will feel from the Little Talkers team. Their joint collaboration has had great success so far.  Jen, Jamie, and Cara look forward to continuing to expand as community resources with pop-ups in new locations, private pod availability, and educating parents about language acquisition through their Instagram account.

We are so happy to feature Little Talkers in this edition's Small Business Spotlight! 

What is the story behind your business?  How did you get started?

In 2012, Jen and Cara were working at the same speech-language pathology agency in New York City but in different locations. Luckily, their paths crossed when there was a paperwork mix up and they quickly became the best of friends. Since then, they have shared many years of amazing memories and have been there for each other throughout many exciting milestones -including opening this business!

 In 2016, Jamie and Cara met working together in a school district in Westchester. Through collaboration together, growing both their clinical skills and connections with families in the community, they also began growing their friendship and starting Stamford roots!

Each of us have always wanted to start our own business and felt the time was right to reach more families and share their knowledge and love for early childhood development, making the perfect collaboration!

What are some fun facts about you or your business?

When we started our business, we hosted our classes outside in local parks to save on rental space fees as we built our business. This also happened to be during the wettest fall on record since 1942. We quickly learned how to pivot, improvise, and most importantly laugh off some of the unpredictability that comes with owning a business (and the weather!).  

What does your business offer its' customers?

We offer ‘baby/toddler & me’ language and play classes and provide private speech-language therapy.  Our classes are for all and are inclusive of 6-36 months little ones of all ability levels. We offer families and caregivers an enriching and engaging class that meets our Little Talkers where they are; whether that is developing first words and early communication, or helping grow bursts of language! Additionally, we offer consultation services, professional development, and personalized ‘learn and play’ pods.

What are you most proud of? 

We are so proud to have created this community with our amazing families and to be welcome into theirs.  being able to connect with little ones and their families during this truly amazing time in childhood and development. Seeing a child light up during their favorite parts of class or seeing them engage with their parents or peers in a way they couldn’t before is so rewarding! We love when parents share stories or send videos of their child spontaneously doing something we worked on during class. 

Would you like to include any incentives for MacaroniKID subscribers?

$5 off bundle or single class, and first therapy session. Code MACKID

Sending a big thank you to the Little Talkers team for sharing more about their offers for children with Macaroni KID readers.  If you head over to a class or reach out for private sessions, be sure to say you heard about Little Talkers from Macaroni KID!

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