Westchester County Libraries: Greenburgh Public Library

By Kelly Fitzpatrick February 26, 2024

Our most recent library visit brought us to the Greenburgh Public Library in Elmsford.  It's sure to be in the regular rotation - what an amazing space!

We drive past it all the time, but last week marked our first stop at this phenomenal space. The light filled hall on the second floor reminded me of grad school study days - such a hub and for people of all ages. You feel all the good vibes walking into the (quiet) buzz of community activity. Adults were studying, working, and reading for the love of it. Tweens and teens were deeply engaged in collaborative work in designated spaces. The children's room was alive with little feet and creative play. Caregivers were known by the librarians and I saw more than one happy greeting when a returning child popped over to say hello. 

We loved the varied spaces to curl up in with books, and the STEM toys, puzzles, and dramatic play areas that appealed to many interests. 

I had two favorite parts though and they both relate more to the feel of the library, than the physical atmosphere. At one point my kiddos became overly excited with some other tots. While trying unsuccessfully to corral them into quiet and calm play, a nearby dad noticed and gave a little "you're okay here" signal. It felt reassuring, but I was still feeling the need to death stare them into submission and telepathically scold them all while trying to appear like a Sunday morning, when one of the librarians came over to share some new titles and comment on baby cuteness. I was instantly at ease. It's a space that "gets it" when it comes to kids and welcomes all that it encompasses. The second example of the welcoming feeling came when preschool storytime was beginning. I asked if it was a register in advance class and the librarian running it didn't miss a beat extending open arms. It was, yes, but there was room for us. 

I'm not recommending you show up with your kids and let them run wild and free while showing up unannounced to registration-based classes (please don't! They need numbers for material prep!), but I am speaking to the culture of care for families I felt at the Greenburgh Public Library. Where they could have been prickly, they were inviting, and it made all the difference.

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